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A liver detox can be a great thing when done properly, and a pretty rough thing when approached from the wrong angle. So how can you do a liver detox and how do you know you need one? There are some easy to notice signs that your liver may not be in the greatest shape....

1. You don't tolerate caffeine well. Feeling sky high after one coffee says that your phase I detox (also conveniently known as "caffeine clearance") is not working very efficiently. 2. You don't tolerate alcohol well. If you feel inebriated too quickly or experience significant hangovers, this indicates that your phase II enzymes are not working effectively. 3. Artificial perfumes and chemical smells overwhelm you. This tells us that your ability to quickly pick out toxins on the first pass is impaired. In addition, you may also notice poor skin quality as in acne and eczema, poor digestion, PMS or a feeling of lack of motivation when your liver function is on the less efficient side.

So, what can you do? There are a few approaches that are safe and easy:

1. For heavens sake, drink more water. Any patient of mine should have been read the riot act on this one! Absolutely essential for normal detox processes. 2. Eat a lighter diet for a few weeks, by minimizing dairy, processed grains and big portions of meat, and adding in lots of vegetables, raw and cooked. 3. Add in a great detox nutritional product like the Metagenics ones we carry in the store. These effortlessly supply all the nutrients that drive the phase I and phase II reactions essential to I liver function. 4. Consider a circulatory detox like sauna or like the Heel detox kit. These help to move those finished detox products out the proper elimination channels. 5. Come in and we can discuss your best choice for a detox program together.

Have a great week!

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