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  • Dr. Allissa Gaul

Have a Healthy Holiday!

One of the most challenging areas for many people during the holidays is diet. What you eat is not usually designed for health per say, it is a combination of what you learned to eat, and in the case of holiday meals, all of the family food traditions and things that we do that create the mood of the holiday. We all have to eat, and we also want it to be fun and not too stressful. So, some suggestions that might help are in order. Here's my top 10 List:

  1. Eat those special things. Just eat a smaller amount of them.

  2. Reduce the amount of dressings and sauces that you put on stuff.

  3. Find a really cool "special drink" recipe that doesn't have as much alcohol or sugar. Try sparkling water with flavored bitters extracts and a splash of cranberry.

  4. Have after-dinner walks! Don't pass out on the couch in a turkey coma. Drag your family around the block and get that digestion going.

  5. Pay attention to getting your water in! Now is not the time to abandon your water bottle :)

  6. Gorge on the non-starchy veggies in a meal first (so not the potato, corn, peas).

  7. Pick a smaller plate at a holiday party.

  8. Look at everything at the buffet and choose after you've seen everything.

  9. Bring something to the pot luck that you know is closer to what you should eat. And share the love!

  10. Don't forget that holidays are about MUCH more than food. Enjoy each other and take time for yourself to rest and connect to yourself in peace and joy.

Know that you cannot undo your progress in lifestyle choices in this next week! Be easy on yourself and we'll see you in the New Year.

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