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Resonance Wellness is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, cost effective medical care. 

WELCOME New Patients

Dr. Gaul is currently accepting new clients for Naturopathic Visits.

It is important that you feel comfortable with making an appointment with Dr. Gaul. We do offer the option of a brief pre-consultation appointment where you may talk to Dr. Gaul and ensure that she is the right doctor for you. This may take place personally or on the phone. We charge for this appointment and the charge is credited back to you if you come in for an initial visit. Waiting times remain the same.


Step One: Contact us to make your appointment.

As soon as we book your appointment, you will receive an email from us that includes our Welcome Letter and FAQs, the How to Find Us map, the Intake Forms (adult or child), an Informed Consent, a Records Release form (if you would like Dr.Gaul to review lab results from a previous doctor), and the article "How to Be a Good Patient & Get the Best Out of Your Doctor".  

IF YOU HAVE CANCER, please let reception know. We book an extension of your first office visit (please note that there is a charge for the extension) to ensure that we have enough time.

You may also book for Neural Therapy Only. In this case, we'll send you a shorter Intake Form, Neural Therapy Information, and an Informed Consent Form.

IF YOU ARE COMING FOR METABOLIC TYPING, please complete the Metabolic Typing Questionnaire and let us know the number of A, B and C answers. We don't need a copy of this questionnaire from you. Answer the questions to the best of your ability, if you don't know an answer, skip the question.  Please prepare three days prior to your appointment. Here's how: Metabolic Typing Preperation.

Step Two: Fill out your Comprehensive Patient Profile Form and Return It To Us

Prior to your appointment, please fill out your Comprehensive Patient Profile Form and RETURN IT TO US 48 HOURS BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT. This form may take a few hours to complete thoroughly. We call or email to remind you of your first visit 48 hours prior to your appointment. If we don't receive your form in advance, we will assume you are not coming to your appointment and we'll cancel it.

Step Three: Review the current  Fee Schedule.

We take payment by cash, cheque, Visa and MasterCard at the time of your appointment. We may recommend supplements or therapies that are additional to your visit fees. 

Step Four: Take a Look at the Map!

Our building looks deceptively like a condo building! Our front door faces 4th Street NW at the southwest corner of the building. We are across from a church and the entrance to St. Mary's Cemetary. Apple Maps and GoogleMaps locate Resonance Wellness correctly. There is plenty of free street parking in the neighbourhood. 

Call for your naturopathic visit today!

For the most up-to-date information about our clinic or for questions please

contact our clinic directly at 403-283-7683


Subscribe below and we'll email you with info about Naturopathic Care, Our Philosophy, Fees and FAQs.


Maximize your visit time -- fill out your Comprehensive Patient Profile in advance! 
Dr. Gaul is a member of APND Association of Perinatal Naturopathic Doctors
Dr. Gaul is a member of AAMTA Association of Anthroposophic Medicine and Therapies in America
Dr. Gaul is a member CNDA College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta
Dr. Gaul is a member of CAND Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors
Dr. Gaul is a member of SPAN Society of Physicians of Anthroposophic Naturopathy
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