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Sometimes You Need Help When Looking for Answers

Over the last 20 years, I've developed my own approach to patient care and medicine, and my patients and their families feel better and stay that way!

I am committed to keeping up with the latest information and making sure we don't lose the threads of common sense either. 

Many patients end up in my office because in spite of how poorly they feel and how many symptoms they have, their lab tests and standard physical exams show nothing of any diagnostic importance.

So the assumption is that there is "nothing" wrong. Or they've been told "you'll have to take that medication to control symptoms for the rest of your life". 

I take all of your history, the labs you've done before and the labs we'll do to investigate now and give you an overview that will show you how you got to where you are and what must be done to put you back to right.


I'll help you make a plan that will occur in phases so that you can handle what you need to do right now and see it make a difference before your next visit.


I'll help you find the time and organization to make those steps happen so that at the end of the day, you will be successful. 

My clinic is like my living room -- almost every new patient comments on how they feel right at home.


Kids are welcome and they have their own play space (and they don't want to leave, just warning you...)  I want people to feel comfortable in my space and be able to share what they're experiencing. I've seen almost everything in my practice over the years, and I've almost always found a solution to what you're bringing. And it can be a very fun process! Sounds of raucous laughter are just as common as tears in my office, and both are welcome. Being heard and understood is important in every patient's care. 

In the first visit, we accomplish a lot.


I'll review your history from the Comprehensive Patient History that we'll have had you fill out prior to visiting. I get a lot of positive feedback about my forms, which will probably be one of the most comprehensive reviews of your own health you will have ever completed. We then use Autonomic Response Testing to figure out what parts of your body are under the most stress and how to unpack it gently. Then by the end of the visit you should have a good sense of what you'll be needing to do now and in the 6-8 week phases of recovery that we'll plan out for the coming months. 

Most patients say "I never expected this, but I totally RESONATE
with that and it's exactly what I needed".
And that is what I aim for in every visit we have together.  

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Suite 200, 3116 - 4th St NW

Calgary, AB, Canada

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