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  • Dr. Allissa Gaul

Natural Travel Assessments by Dr.G!

Dr.G and the team at Resonance Wellness have lived in 6 countries and visited over 40. We know travel!

It seems like Calgarians are often up and away to warmer climates, even in the summer. But many find themselves unprepared for the health issues of travel. This is why we do Travel Assessments for your next points of call.

In a half hour, we can review the health risks in the areas that you are visiting and formulate a plan to help you combat jetlag, bugs, traveler’s diarrhea and other infectious disease concerns, heat and seasickness. Many patients are leery of having multiple vaccinations and drug regimens. We can send you away on your holiday with the best tailored selection of natural remedies to ensure you’re prepared.

We love travel. Let's talk about it!

Join Dr Gaul on this FREE Online Webinar Where She Shares Her Natural Travelling Secrets! Sign up today!

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