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Medicinal Herbs for PMS!

Vitex - helps to regulate cycles particularly when there is estrogen dominance. It also reduces PMS symptoms of irritability, depression and mood swings.

Dandelion - from a Chinese medicine perspective, most PMS symptoms are due to liver dysfunction. Dandelion root is an excellent liver tonic, whilst dandelion leaf is a good diuretic to aid with fluid retention often associated with menstruation.

Angelica - a gentle herb that nourishes the female reproductive organs and reduces cramping

Crampbark (viburnum) - has a marked effect on reducing uterine cramping during menstruation, hence its common name.

Evening Primrose - can be helpful in balancing female hormones during different phases of a woman's life. Studies have shown evening primrose to help alleviate depression, irritability and bloating experienced with PMS.

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