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Arnica is a wonderful remedy for your birth bag or for your biggest babies (ie. Your spouse!). Arnica is a beautiful yellow flower that grows throughout the mountains west of Calgary. It is actually a poisonous plant if taken orally in large amounts, but the tincture may be used sparingly topically, or more safely, may be used as a homeopathic. In the kits we make for midwives, Arnica is included for use just before and after the birth.

Arnica is used for body trauma. It is really good at speeding the resolving of a bruise. The more quickly you can get the remedy in or on the better. Arnica can be used to help you recuperate from any type of over-exertion or bruising. I once had a page from a patient whose kid fell down the stairs and bumped his head, raising a big goose-egg and she watched in amazement as arnica pellets shrank the lump before her eyes! It can also be used to calm a person in shock before the paramedics arrive.

Get to know this amazing remedy and carry it in your purse for little emergencies – you’ll quickly learn how great it is!

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