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Are You Heading Down Menopause Lane?....

Top 5 Symptoms of Menopause:

1. Hot Flashes - AKA private summers (they are not over in a flash). This seems to be the universal symptom of menopause, yet not all women experience them.

2. Mood Swings - Apparently even the most insignificant things can bring you to tears, or rage, or laughter...

3. Insomnia - Like a new mom, you just can't get a good night's rest. Whether it be hot flashes, emotional turmoil or just your hormones recalibrating, good sleep is harder to come by.

4. Vaginal Dryness - A symptom that most women avoid talking about except maybe to their doctor. It's OK, it's normal and there are solutions for this!

5. Weight Gain - Someone said that when she hit menopause she had to rethink her potato chip-gym ratio. Couldn't be better said.

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