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  • Dr. Allissa Gaul

Eating to 100 - Lessons from the Okinawans

The Okinawans are a group of people living at the southern-most tip of Japan on a chain of 161 islands which stretch from 800 miles between the Japanese main islands and Taiwan.

They are the longest living people on earth and have the birth certificates to prove it -- they have the highest number of centenarians. What is their secret? Sure, they may have good genes, but that is only a third of the effect. The real secret lies in their lifestyle: a low calorie, nutrient dense plant based diet, regular exercise and a strong spiritual community.

An ancient proverb found on a stone beach marker in Okinawa: At 70 you are but a child, at 80 merely a youth, and at 90 if the ancestors invite you into heaven tell them to wait until you are 100 and you’ll consider it.

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