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  • Dr. Allissa Gaul

Herbal Tonics Series

My favorite leaf – Nettles (I should have a pic of this hike)

Once when I lived in England I accidentally sat in a nettle bush attempting to wee on the side of a hiking path. I’m not sure how I missed seeing it but it was quite entertaining (to other parties)!

Nettles have little stingers that are triggered by pressure and they shoot right into your skin, burning and itching. Now, you can easily wilt nettle greens, completely eliminating the finger trauma, or you can take it in a tincture.

Our nettles tincture is an amazing emerald green. Its one of the only herbal tinctures that retains its green color! It is absolutely FULL of minerals and we use it in our pregnancy tea for support.

It is a wonderful plant for people who really need more mineral support, for those with prostate disease, for oily hair and dandruff as a topical, and for hay fever type allergies.

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