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Reasons Why I Became an ND #2/3

Reason #2/3 – I Didn’t Feel Well.

During university, I had a year where I worked as the Production Editor for the University of Alberta Newspaper. This was considered a full-time job, and on top of that I had full time school. With the number of late nights and long days filled with commitments, the end of the year saw me not feeling so great. I had an office in SUB and I pretty much ate perogies, donuts and drank pop for the year. It astounds me now that I ate that way for so long!

I had all sorts of symptoms, that my family doc chalked up to hormones. He suggested birth control and mood drugs. I was not so happy with that (I was only 22 for heaven’s sake!). Around this time one of my girlfriends (who is still my dear friend to this day) told me I should try an ND. After the fussing I did about it “not being scientific”, I ended up consulting one and I quickly realized that there was much more to the approach than I had anticipated.

It made such a difference to just eat differently and add some plant medicines and nutrients that I quickly decided that this kind of medicine was just what I wanted to do!

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