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Babies Love to be Held!

The thing is, babies really need to be held, closely and securely. And when this is done right, it does feel right!

One of the things I often observe in practice is that people struggle to carry around bucket seats with their newborn in it. It isn’t a comfy position for parent or baby! Babies love to be held chest to chest with their heads supported. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a sling. It’s a great way to keep your baby warm, close and supported, and if you’re nursing, it provides easy access and a measure of privacy. Yes, you will have to pop them out of a car seat to do it, but it makes for a much easier time when you have both hands free and the baby is in alignment with your own center of gravity! There are many different slings available, and you’ll want to take your baby and go try some on to find one that feels comfortable and works well.

For newborns, a ring sling or a stretchy wrap like a sling scarf or mei tai will usually work best.

This is different for everyone, so don’t be discouraged if the one that catches your eye isn’t the right fit. Here are 3 illustrations of the wraps that will work best and which have different positioning for different ages.

I recommend trying on a sling with your baby before buying if you can. If you are in Calgary, head over to Babes in Arms, a shop that carries quite a number of different carriers to try on. You can also find quite a few online, there might just be more time involved if you need to exchange it for one that works.

The sling I used for my newborn lasted me for quite some time because it was a ring sling that could be positioned differently at different ages. My partner’s carrier was completely different, but he loved it and so did our son.

Babes in Arms is Calgary's Babywearing Experts -

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