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Dunstan Baby Language

I have to tell you that a dear patient of mine gave me the Dunstan Baby Language video many years ago when I was pregnant with my son.

Keep in mind, that by that time I had already spent a decade taking care of moms and babies, so when I popped that video in and listened to Priscilla Dunstan give her presentation about baby sounds and what they mean, my jaw dropped.

I had heard babies make all of those sounds.Like, for 10 years.But I never put the sound and the meaning together!

If you are getting ready to welcome a newborn, or you have one you are having difficulty communicating with, Dunstan baby language is a great tool to have. Babies seem to make several typical sounds that indicate a certain need, especially in the first 3 months of life. These are reflex sounds, based on a physiological discomfort. There is the sound for “I’m hungry”, one for “I need to be burped”, one for “I need to fart!”, one for “I’m uncomfortable”, one for “I’m tired”. In my own experience, being able to identify those sounds and meet the need of my newborn made for a comfort level between us and smoothing the way to a peaceful early bonding

The great thing is, you can get the Dunstan language in an app nowadays, and have those sounds all ready to compare to what your kid is “saying”. Once you have the sounds in your ear, you’ll feel more confident about baby care in those early months.

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