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  • Dr. Allissa Gaul


  1. Ferrum phosphoricum – For a gradual onset of a fever with red cheeks, shivers, and sweating but without any other specific symptoms.

  2. Belladonna – For a sudden onset of a fever with flushed red face and a pounding pulse. May appear delirious or say things that make no sense.

  3. Aconite – For an abrupt onset of a fever brought on by exposure to a dry cold wind with a red face, restlessness and thirst.

  4. Bryonia – Fevers with intense dull headache, faintness, dry lips, thirst for large amounts of water at long intervals. Chilly with hot head and red face. May have a stitching cough. Worse from motion.

  5. Gelsemium – For flu-ish symptoms of aching muscles, shivers up the back, the feeling of heavy eyelids and little or no thirst. Wants to be left alone.

For the above acute homeopathic remedies the suggested dosage is 6C to 30C.

Remember we use the above homeopathic remedies to help you or your child feel comfortable with a fever!

Unless the body is ready to resolve, the temperature may not change a great deal, but it will allow a person to sleep and recuperate.

If you’re not familiar on how to use homeopathic remedies, call Resonance Wellness Inc 403.283.7683 or take one of our courses!

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