• Dr. Allissa Gaul

Toxins that increase your Breast Cancer Risk

So onto Toxins. There are a handful of categories of substances that are considered toxins that increase your breast cancer risk:

  1. Alcohol. There is fairly consistent data that increased alcohol consumption increases breast cancer risk. It increases risk by 20% with one drink per day.

  2. Organochlorides from agricultural chemicals, chlorinated water and plastics. These compounds often mimic estrogen in the breast tissue, can mutate genes and suppress the immune system. They are quite bio-persistent and are hard to detox. Through in a bit too much fat and not great circulation and you have the potential to create a tissue that is over-saturated with these compounds.

  3. Hydrogenated fats. Don’t eat them. Trans fats are carcinogenic. These are found in foods that are processed. Eat whole foods and avoid this problem!

A plan to reduce risk of breast cancer in a cancer-prone family should always involve an evaluation of toxicity and a discussion about practical strategies to minimize it.

Talk to Dr. Gaul about it today!

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