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  • Dr. Allissa Gaul

Do toxins increase your likelihood of getting breast cancer?

Yep. Probably. But here’s the deal: no one can prove it.

Just like no-one can really totally prove that smoking “causes” lung cancer.

Toxins have to be considered a risk factor, like everything else. I think there is evidence, however, for some associations between toxins and breast cancer.

But lets really look at the whole picture first:

  • All tissues produce cancer cells. A functional immune system and circulatory system usually helps us find them and eradicate them.

  • A diet that is appropriate to our metabolism improves the underlying ability of the tissue to repair and feeds the normal detoxification processes through the body organs. Knowing your metabolic type and following your dietary guidelines will likely help reduce your risk.

  • Exercise helps to improve blood flow through the tissue, helping it to cleanse itself. Women who exercise regularly reduce their risk by at least a third.

  • Good lymphatic flow through the breast also is protective and if you wear an ill-fitting bra for long period, it is reported to increase your risk by 6X!

  • Good self-awareness and stress management decreases the limitations on normal cleansing processes in a particular tissue. I’ve yet to meet a person with cancer that doesn’t have a mental/emotional stress pattern in the place where the cancer is!

  • Having a normal body fat level is also crucial. Because the breast tissue is mostly fat, it is most sensitive to fat soluble toxins. If you have a lot of fat, you can store and therefore be exposed to lots more toxins than you need to be!

In order to evaluate how damaging a toxin is, you really have to take into consideration both the load of the toxin AND the condition of the person being exposed to it. When we have you in for an appointment, we’re looking at all the processes under the “whole” and trying to design plans that help you to maintain the “whole” as best as you’re able.

Keeping the whole functioning always helps you to maintain your health! Talk to Dr.Gaul Today!

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