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Many moons have passed since I travelled to Arizona, baby-less, and pumped 20 bags of milk that I then brought, frozen, back in my suitcase. I believe that was also the trip where I was stopped by security for carrying an electric breastpump in a discreet case. Twice. I never saw eyes pop out so hopefully as on those Xray technicians. Lol.

But it brings up the question about how much breastmilk that you can produce or pump.

Now, I must tell you that it is very difficult to tell how much milk you are producing by the state of the breast or by pumping. The breast often stops being hugely engorged after the first few months and settles down into making milk a bit more gently. That does not mean that there isn’t enough milk in there. Pumps are not the best way to measure milk production either. Women have varying responses to the different kinds/brands of breastpump, and what you pump out is not representative of your supply. I’ve had patients who clearly have a thriving infant that can’t pump an ounce! And time of nursing often doesn’t matter either. Five minutes or twenty minutes doesn’t predict what you fed. The only way to tell if you don’t have enough milk is to weigh a hungry baby on an accurate scale, nurse a normal nurse, then weigh again to find out how many ounces you just fed. Come over and use our scale anytime if you want to check.

And then, if you feel its low, then at Resonance we have Breastmilk Tea available that contains herbal medicines that improve milk supply, and we have tinctures of Wild Lettuce and Goats Rue that also can improve the quantity of milk.

Along with staying hydrated and relaxed, these herbal friends can help!

Resonance Remedies Online Store:

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