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  • Dr. Allissa Gaul


Improving your resistance to the bugs around you can be done with some basic moves on your part:

1. Diet/digestive interventions: In naturopathic medicine, there has long been an emphasis on lifestyle interventions in the prevention of infectious disease.

Recent science has confirmed that the internal environment contains about 2 pounds of bacteria. These are your normal flora, if your digestion and dietary habits are appropriate for you. They are an essential part of your reactions to infectious disease. It has been shown that if your protective gut flora are well established, that the rate of being infected and staying infected decrease. For this reason, we lighten the diet when ill, improve fluids and take probiotics and prebiotics. Consider UltraFlora Cold Support.

2. Improving lymph flow: The lymph system is a major part of the immune system. Keeping the flow going through it will help to make the response of the immune system more efficient. Mild to moderate exercise does decrease your likelihood of getting ill, but overdoing it will actually make things worse. Take it easy, and use good lymph flow stimulators like Itires and Septonsil, or Bronchial Syrup if you tend to bronchitis.

3. Stress support: When you put too much strain on your stress coping organs, a tendency to succumb to illness often occurs. If you find yourself being the one that is often ill on your team at work, consider something like GSF Complex or TAD+.

4. Herbal immune stimulants: Plants create these great molecules that look really similar to bacteria (but aren’t) and when your immune system sees those, it tends to get a little excited. This can translate into better resistance against actual organisms creating a problem! The Immune glycerite for kids or the big-person tincture version can be a handy item for the season.

If you are the person who always gets sick at work, let us know!

We can help design a strategy that suits you the best.

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