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  • Dr. Allissa Gaul


OK. So if you ask me, I think food- real food- is super. But for the sake of compiling a list, the following 5 foods are extra super, particularly in their ability to help you detox.

  1. Turmeric – Do spices count as food? Who cares when you’re talking about turmeric. Known to be a super supporter of your liver, (your primary detoxification organ), turmeric has even been found in research to help regenerate damaged liver tissue.

  2. Mustard greens – Your mom was right to tell you to eat your greens. Dark greens in the mustard family, (think broccoli, kale, cabbage etc.) contain compounds that help your liver detoxify better. As a bonus, you get fibre to help regulate your bowels, too.

  3. Cocoa – One of the best anti-oxidants out there, high quality dark chocolate will help rid you of those nasty free radicals scavenging your body. Who said detoxing couldn’t be tasty? Try Brocco-Chocco -Resonance Remedies Online Store:

  4. Bee pollen – Jam packed with vitamins and other nutrients, bee pollen contains all the essential components for life. Feed your cells with what they need in order to support natural elimination of the stuff you don’t.

  5. Dandelions – Yes, you read that right. Dandelions are great for helping you detox. The root is a know liver tonic and the leaves have diuretic properties to help eliminate water soluble toxins through your kidneys. Who knew your front lawn was actually a homegrown detox farm!

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