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Calendula for New Moms

Calendula tincture is another birth bag item that is a small miracle for umbilical cords and perineums. Calendula tincture is applied undiluted to the stump of the umbilical cord, where it quickly heals up the bellybutton so the cord can fall off! One of the midwives we supply to once commented that her granddaughter’s cord hadn’t fallen off in the normal 3 day period and when she checked, her daughter had been using someone else’s tincture. Once our Calendula was applied, the bellybutton healed right up! Good preparation of an herbal tincture can make the difference so make sure you get one that’s made right!

Use 1:10 diluted Calendula in water in your peri-bottles for post birth rinsing after using the toilet. This helps those sensitive tissues heal quickly. We also use a similar dilution to freeze onto menstrual pads – the cool healing effect is epic when you feel like you’re sitting on a hot sore spot after birth!

You can also use Calendula topically in a cream for cuts and scrapes. If you use the tincture, dilute it a bit so that it doesn’t sting. Keep applying a couple of times daily until you see the healing start.

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