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STEP 1: Here's Some Information to Read Over

Our Frequently Asked Questions

When you come to a new clinic, we know you have lots of questions! Here are the answers. 

Getting the Right Providers for Your Care

Getting the right providers is a cornerstone of care. Here's an article by Dr. Gaul that may help you to choose someone to add to your team!

About Naturopathic Medicine

An article from Family Practice Journal that describes what to expect with Naturopathic Care and another which is an outcomes study for Naturopathic Medical Care.

Fee Schedule

Here's our most recent Fee Schedule. On your first visit, you will already have a good sense of what is needed and the best plan to get you on your way. It's a very cost-efficient method of healthcare!

STEP 2: Watch the Video about First Visits (9 min of goodness!)

STEP 3: Contact us about a Pre-Visit if you have questions about how we can help OR

STEP 4: Book Dr. Gaul for a First Office Call.

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