I believe every health problem can be improved or changed beyond all recognition.

Information is Power

Start by collecting all the information that you already have about your health in one place with our free Medical Record Binder.

Think It's Hormones?

Complete our Hormonal Symptoms questionnaire to see if the thyroid, adrenal, pituitary or ovaries/testicles are
playing a role.

Is Stress the Cause?

Are the stressors in life contributing to your health issues? Take a read through this guide to find out. 

Worried About
Your Guts?

Diarrhea, constipation, pain, cramps, bloating?

Find out how to begin the healing 
of your gut problem. 

"I love to teach people just like you how to understand health and then empower you to be a co-creator in resolving health issues. I am the doctor that patients turn to when they want to make sense of how they got to the place they're in and to use the most effective natural health solutions to get out!  I can help you find the healthy, centered person in the middle of it all."

Your Care at Resonance Wellness Includes:

Comprehensive Patient Profile

This form will ask you all of the questions you wish your other doctors were asking. Submitting this form in advance allows us to save time -- we'll already have a sense of what's needs to be addressed for you in advance.

We'll Keep You On Track

Treatment plans are written out in clear phases. This gives you a do-able outline of what needs to be attended to in each phase without overwhelming you with tasks or supplements.
And we'll email you reminders to keep you on track!

Customized Natural Treatments with Online Dispensary & Shipping Options

We recommend focused plans using high quality supplements that we know are effective. Plans are checked with current drug regimens for interactions, so you can be assured of safety. 

Whole Life Medicine Resources

Your health is a product of your "Whole Life". Our online Resource Center helps you to understand and explore aspects of your life that can be improved to create transformed health.  All of our patients handouts, product information and lab testing info are right there for you to use to your advantage.

Online Booking & Patient Portal

Once you're a patient, booking in and reviewing your treatment plans is easy with our Online Services. We don't overbook -- your time is YOUR time with the doctor. 

We'll Work WITH Your Health Team

We'll be in charge of keeping people on your Health Team in the loop if that is important to you and your case. 

Not sure yet? Book a 15 Minute Pre-Consult Today. Let's see what we can do for you. Available in person in Calgary or virtually. 

The doctor will spend 15 minutes with you to review your chief complaint, suggest an step you could try right now, and outline what your full care would incorporate. The fee for this is $55, and if you decide to go ahead with care, that fee is applied to your first office visit.